Thank you, order received and it is awesome! I will be sure to voice my very positive buying experience from Battle Ready appropriately on Facebook etc. Thank you again for a great product and outstanding service!

Ian Kanski

-July 2014


An amazing piece of kit WELL DONE !! Incredibly light and allows for great movement during a fight 🙂 It turned a lot of heads during the event so well done again !!

Michael Bonett
Secretary to the ‘Show of Arms reenactment and Living History group’.

-May 2014


I received my order today, thank you very much that fur is wonderful ! Good luck for Battle ready, if one day i need something else i will contact you again, the fabrication is amazing. Thank you very much !

– Marty L.M. – February 2014


Thankyou for the products, i am thoroughly thrilled with them. Excellent work. They arrived in good time and i cannot wait to use them.

– Matt R.- February 2014


I’ve had lots of sets of armour over the years and it’s easy to think that it’s the same wherever you buy it. But as I found out when my order arrived it really isn’t; amazingly high quality and worth every penny.

– Steve Ellis – June 2013


Just wanted to reiterate just how very very happy I am with the armour you have made. I was completely speechless when I first saw it and I can assure you it is above and beyond any expectations I had.
You have no idea how much I caannot wait to try the whole on together. Again thank you so much for your work to date, you have made this man a very happy chappy

– Neil Parsons – February 2013


I just received the armor you made for me yesterday and it is absolutely gorgeous! Worth every single penny. Thank you very much, I’m going to show all my friends and tell them where I bought it.

– Nathreee – January 2013


I wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the gladiator armour which we bought from you. This was our second purchase from you and it won`t be the last. The scale armour which we bought from you previously has always excited children, who love to wear it, but we appreciate the quality of its construction. Likewise the gladiator armour, which we have yet to use with a school, is very well made; the finish of the body of the armour was painstaking. In view of the quality of your work I think your prices are very reasonable too. Great stuff, thank you.

David Mills
Assistant Curator
Walsall Leather Museum

– July 2012


Hey just wanted to let you guys know I did receive the package on time for the last event. You guys definitely went out of your way and I appreciate the effort that went it to it.

All I can say is wow I am Impressed. I have purchased my fair share of “LARP” related products and I am happy to say that you guys are the FIRST ones to actually make a product that you can see has true craftsmanship and pride behind it. The inner workings are actually made of a dense REAL leather as are the straps to hold it in place. The buckles are made of a solid metal and the overall piece is beautiful. I had many an individual come over and inspect the fur along with how it was secured to the mantle.

Next event is at the end of this week and I can’t wait to showcase this again.

Thank you Battle-Ready!!

– Nathan Killary – May 2011


my armour arrived today, and i honestly couldn’t be happier with it, great work i love everything about it, well im in my full stage gear ill take some photos and send them to you, thanks again 🙂

– Stephen Miles – August 2011


The packet is well arrive this week. The items are exactly what I expect. Really good work and great quality. It’s a real armor “ready for battle” ! Thank you very much for all.

– J. Rappo – July 2012