Expert Design

Handcrafted leather armours

-handmade in uk

We specialise in the design and creation of bespoke leather armour and accessories.
All of our pieces are hand crafted in the UK from high quality materials.

- Made by Damon Abba

Bespoke Products

Handcrafted from high quality leather

Whether your needs are for Film, Theatre, Re-enactment, Performing Arts or LARP we can design and custom made pieces to your exact specifications.

- Celtic design expert
- high quality leather
-film standarts


We are pioneers in creating leather armours and all kinds of costumes and props for medieval style films and tv shows.

Check our founder Damon Abba IMDB page for a list of past and future projects.

the process

- Handmade in UK

All of our designs are hand crafted in the UK using high quality materials and fittings. 

We have a few designs in stock, but the majority of our pieces are made to order.